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SteelSeries keyboard Apex 7 under test



SteelSeries keyboard Apex 7 under test

After we were able to try SteelSeries' cool Arctis Pro headphones, it was the keyboard's turn this time. And this is exactly Vertex 7 OLED display. Therefore, not only the 0815 keyboard, but also the true flagship of desktop computers. We have carefully studied the mechanical keyboard and told you what to expect.

SteelSeries wants to revolutionize your desk and bring it Vertex 7 For OLED displays, the mechanical keyboard on the market is different from the traditional keyboard. This should be ensured by the small display in the upper right corner and special additional attributes. The keyboard looks simple at first, and only shows its true advantage when connected. Because it is related to the SteelSeries engine, you can Vertex 7 A true all-rounder. Each button can change color, so as to personalize settings according to your wishes. There are also preset LED effects, such as Breath or West Coast. Everything is great, and of course it will bring real WOW effects, especially in the dark.

Of course, you can change not only the LED settings, but also other settings, such as shortcut keys or meta binding. In addition, the OLED display can be edited, and you can import your own logo-of course, we will soon use the Games-Mag logo to do this. The macro editor is all-inclusive and brings you the best keyboard settings. The engine software can be downloaded from the SteelSeries official website (or you can download it here).

When you open the package, it drops on Vertex 7 Bring some weight that you won't notice on the table later. The large palm pad that can be attached to the keyboard and removed again is very frontal. For mechanical keyboards, the keys on the keyboard are indeed very quiet and can be easily accessed with fingers-but there is a reason that we will discuss later. inside Vertex 7 SteelSeries attaches great importance to sturdy materials and uses 5000 aluminum alloys for aviation quality. The simple matte design of the keyboard looks elegant and makes a difference even without the LED effect.

of Vertex 7 There are three different variants, so we can test the brown tactile variant. There are also linear red and click blue switches. Our product is a quieter version with almost no button clicks. This is because the switch is brown. It has a trigger point of 2.0 mm and durability of up to 50 million clicks. In contrast: the typing noise of the blue switch is much louder, while the red switch is quieter. Different changes Vertex 7 It can be found in the store at a price as low as 149.99 euros.

The USB pass-through port is another highlight. Here, you can connect the USB device directly to the keyboard without having to crawl under the table or bend it on the PC. The USB port is quite hidden, located between the ESC and F1 keys. Cable Vertex 7 The keyboard is thick and tight. However, it won’t bother you because SteelSeries has channels built into the frame and provides three possible outputs for the cable. Therefore, there is always order and no unnecessary cable tangles.

Special multimedia controls (such as a metal scroll wheel and media keys) ensure fast control of volume and settings. Just press a button to pause, rewind or change the brightness. CS’s different applications: GO or Discord brings your OLED display to life, providing fast information even in the toughest battles. Discover many other applications and get information directly on the keyboard.

of Vertex 7 Provides a good typing feeling, comfortable palm rest and quiet typing noise. It is a bit unusual for a mechanical keyboard, but it can still be implemented very well. Other functions also make all other keyboards look white. SteelSeries has become a market leader in this category and clearly shows that the power they have is not without. We can only recommend this keyboard, and you can’t go wrong with your purchase.

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