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Streets of Rage 4 creators work on three new projects




Now that Streets of Rage 4 is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4, many fans of the game's developers are wondering what's to come with Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games. Luckily these have started a thread on Reddit where they shared Streets of Rage 4 details and they answered questions to fans of the game revealing that additional content may come and also that they are working on new projects for the future.

In the thread, Cyrille Imbert, the executive director of Dotemu, has answered one of the most important questions, and that is whether Streets of Rage will have any DLC. Considering that lately the reviews have been very positive and many they want additional content, Imbert has commented that they already have things planned, but that nothing of what they have prepared has not yet been finalized.

We have a lot of ideas and we really want to add more content in the future. But nothing has been decided yet, so we are listening and we will soon let you know “what” and “when”.

This means that they have been thinking about releasing DLCs for the game, although nothing will be announced about it until it is officially confirmed. On the other hand, Imbert has also highlighted with another answer that states that they are working on 3 projects similar to Streets of Rage

that have not yet been announced, but reiterates “Stay tuned”, so possibly it will be revealed more information about it very soon.

Hello! We haven't discussed it yet, but we'd like to focus on SoR4 first and continue adding content. But at Dotemu we are currently working on three similar, unannounced projects, so stay tuned.

Apparently, Dotemu is a company that is very excited about the success of Streets of Rage, so after the projects for this title finish, there will be more things of this style for all the fans who are waiting deliveries similar to SoR4. At the moment, you just have to wait for the official announcement of the 3 video games that are to come.

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