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Suddenly new weapon in CoD: MW




Is the new SMG coming with Season 4 from CoD: Modern Warfare? Is the new SMG coming with Season 4 from CoD: Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is currently in the middle of Season 3 and has only recently received a new weapon with the Bruen MK9 LMG – but thanks to a simple bug, the first weapon from Season 4 is apparently already known. Or is there more to it?

Update: We have added information on the supposed name of the weapon.

Bug or guerrilla marketing?

A player shared a short video on Reddit on Monday showing a friend's gameplay. Obviously he got a previously unpublished and unannounced submachine gun due to a game error and demonstrates it extensively:

A friend of mine might have accidentally discovered the season 4 SMG. from r / modern warfare

According to the video crea tor, there were no glitches or other tricks in the game: he wants the weapon to be assigned to infected in game mode, in which the participants start with random weapons in the game.

At first glance, this is probably a mistake: The weapons from upcoming seasons are simply already in the code and can already appear incorrectly in Infected by a bug mode with a negligible number of players.

The other possibility: The accidental weapon reveals could also be skilful guerrilla marketing to fuel the community between the official announcements of innovations. So it may not be an accident, but an intentional leak by the developers.

If this is the case, the action was successful: After around 17 hours, the video was able to collect over 400 comments.

The new SMG can do that

Although CoD: Modern Warfare's meta-game is already dominated by various submachine guns, it appears that Season 4 is another powerful option.

As the video shows, the new SMG has only been given the placeholder name SM_CHARLIE9. suspects that this could be the APC9 from Brügger & Thomet – but this does not seem to be certain either, since the weapon shown shows clear differences, for example in the orientation of the magazine.

In any case, the new MP has one extremely high rate of fire – their magazine, which contains thirty 9mm cartridges, is emptied within approximately one second So the gun will probably be Extremely deadly at close range but lack accuracy and penetration over long distances.

It is not yet possible to say whether the weapon will actually make it into the game. Since there is a fully functional in-game model, chances are good that we can play the weapon in the next season.

It will take a few weeks until then; Currently CoD: MW players can look forward to a new map from Modern Warfare 3, which should make it into the game this week.


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