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Super Nintendo World – Images and info on the attractions revealed by a leak



Super Nintendo World – Images and info on the attractions revealed by a leak

If the year 2020 had gone “normally,” Japanese and tourists alike could now experience Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. But COVID-19 has passed through there and has changed everything. While waiting for Universal to open the doors to this new area, undisclosed images of the park have just been found online.

Today's leak comes from the Twitter account “ThomasPussyCat The latter discovered while browsing the Vimeo video sharing site that a certain Marc Goncalves had shared videos from what appears to be the official Super Nintendo World site on his page. Deleted shortly after their discovery, some excerpts from these videos have been kept and are available above (screenshots are also available in our gallery below).

Thanks to this leak, it is therefore possible to discover new images of the Nintendo zone at Universal Studios Japan as well as additional details about what may be found there. The Mario Kart attraction, officially named Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge

will last for example five minutes and allow four people to do the attraction together (you will have to measure at least 106.7 cm to be able to climb in this attraction).

Also according to the site, this attraction will allow you to explore several circuits and will stage “your favorite levels and characters” from the world of Mario. As previously revealed, Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge will use augmented reality.

One of the other attractions of this land will be called Yoshi's Adventure. According to the description of this last seen in the videos, it will be a question of climbing on Yoshi's back and taking part in a treasure hunt with Captain Toad. This attraction will also allow you to observe the Mushroom Kingdom from the

Mount Kilraide (Mount beanpole in English).

In addition to the attractions, the Super Nintendo World will also have several shops as well asa restaurant call Kinopio's Cafe (which could be translated as Toad's Caf in French). The zone will also operate connected bracelets called Power Up Bands (the video dedicated to these was titled “Amiiband, “which suggests that their final name has not yet been chosen) which, associated with a dedicated application, will allow you to take part in activities.

According to the latest rumors, the opening of the Japanese Super Nintendo World is still scheduled for this year. Alongside the Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, similar areas are under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore. They do not yet have an officially announced opening date. Regarding the Orlando area, Universal recently said construction is on hold until further notice (this work stoppage was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the losses Universal caused by it).

What do you think of this new information about Super Nintendo World? Do they make you want to go to Universal Studios Japan? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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