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Survival of scrap mechanics: where to find warehouse keys




Lauren Aitken
Thursday, May 14, 2020 12:37 GMT

There is a big warehouse full of loot Scrap Mechanic Survival But first, you need to find Warehouse key.

To enter the loot warehouse, you need to find Warehouse key. There are various warehouses around the map, you need at least one key to open the door.

Thankfully, there is a reliable way to plant keys for the warehouse by killing the big red Farm robot. If you killed one and the keys did not drop, continue to destroy them until you get one.

Survival of scrap mechanics: where to find warehouse keys

Red farm robot It can be found near the warehouse and in the autumn red forest. Another night may appear on your farm, which makes the battle more scary than usual.

The best weapon against them is Nail gun, But you need to hit it dozens of times before destroying it, so make sure to carry around 100 pegs with you. If you want to use a hammer, you need to fight for a long time, get close contact with these behemoths and take great risks.

If you can, try to place yourself on a ledge away from Farmbot and continue shooting until he falls, then you can pick it up Warehouse key. After entering, you will find some loot, but you can't put anything on the ground. Instead, place your elevator on fragile items, such as explosive items, to use it.

Encryptor It has been discovered by blowing up the walls and vents of the warehouse, but they do not seem to be active yet, so please come back later for more information. The only drawback of the warehouse is that many players encounter a bug and they cannot pick up anything. This is annoying, you may need to kill another red Farmbot to get back.

If you are just starting to use "Scrap Machine Survival", you can view our production guide here, and where to find cotton, oil and mother batteries.

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