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Tatsumaki would look like this if he worked for Fubuki




Tatsumaki and Fubuki are two powerful Esper sisters in One Puch Man and its fame is such that there are already double cosplay with both giving a lot of play or they can be seen as a couple in a much more western style than usual. But as you already know, despite being sisters, Tatsumaki and Fubuki do not work together, although in today's fan art an exception is made to dress the first as an employee of the second.

Under these lines you can appreciate the Tatsumaki design with Fubuki's minions costume

what have you shared PahoehoeLavaFlow on Reddit. The truth is that this aspect favors the green haired Esper a lot and it could even be said that it suits her better than her usual vaporous dress.

Tatsumaki in a Suit desde OnePunchMan

What do you think of this new look of Tatsumaki

? Do you like it better with your usual outfit or the you prefer dressed in this costume so elegant? It remains to be seen if the psychic would agree work together with his sister instead of alone.

Cover image I UBackground

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