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Ten Big Navi & three new editions




According to the latest AMD leak, there will also be a refresh of Navi 10 in addition to Navi 21. According to the latest AMD leak, there will also be a refresh of Navi 10 in addition to Navi 21.

AMD's second generation navigation graphics cards are eagerly awaited by many. Above all because Navi 21, also known as “Big Navi”, is the first competitor to offer Nvidia's high-end products for gamers.

Current information from the known Hardware Leaker »rogame«

now show ten variants of the chip in different performance classes.

The ten chip variants at a glance

Four Navi-21 chips for players:

  • Navi21 XTX (0x731F: D0): comparable * with RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary Edition
  • Navi21 XT (0x731F: D1): comparable to RX 5700 XT
  • Navi21 XL (0x731F: D3): comparable to RX 5700
  • Navi21 XE (0x731F: DF): comparable to RX 5600 XT

Two pro versions for professional use:

  • Navi21 Pro-XT (0x731F: 10): comparable to Radeon Pro W7500X
  • Navi21 Pro-XL (0x731F: 12): comparable to Radeon Pro W5700

Four variants for Apple products:

  • Navi21 XTA (0x731F: 50): probably for iMac / iMac Pro refresh
  • Navi21 XLA (0x731F: 51): probably for iMac / iMac Pro refresh
  • Navi21 Pro-XTA (0x731F: 11): probably for Mac Pro
  • Navi21 Pro-XLA (0x731F: 13): probably for Mac Pro

* “Comparable” here means positioning on the market and not performance.

According to rogame, the various PCI IDs (0x731F: xx) were published a month ago, but have not been able to assign them yet.

What do we know about Navi 21?

Navi 21 could be equipped with up to 80 compute units (CUs), which corresponds to 5,120 computing cores (AMD stream processors) and offer a 50 percent increase in performance per watt compared to Navi 10 alias Radeon RX 5700 (XT) and RX 5600 XT.

Navi 21 with an alleged area of ​​505 mm² is also the largest of a total of three Navi 2x chips:

  • Navi21 505 – Navi 21, high-end, Big Navi, 505 mm² chip area
  • Navi22 340 – Navi 22, probably for the middle segment, 340 mm² chip area
  • Navi23 240 – Navi 23, probably for the entry-level segment, 240 mm² chip area

* Chip area can vary by + – 5mm2

All information, leaks and rumors about specifications and release of AMD Radeon RX Big Navi can be found in the following article:

AMD Radeon RX Big Navi Release & Specs


more on the subject

AMD Radeon RX Big Navi Release & Specs

Refresh current Radeon models

Apart from Navi 21, Navi 10 is said to have several revised versions, as rogame further reports. These are therefore designed to replace the RX 5700 XT, RX 5600 XT and RX 5600M models.

  • Navi10 XT + (731F: E1): replaces RX 5700 XT
  • Navi10 XM + (731F: E3): replaces RX 5600M
  • Navi10 XTE + (731F: E7): replaces RX 5600 XT

The exciting question here is how AMD will position the Navi-10 refresh based on the RDNA architecture compared to the RDNA2 models and how it differs from the current products in terms of specifications.

At the same time, it could not be the only new edition of AMD: According to very specific rumors, AMD is also relaunching three Ryzen 3000 processors. They are scheduled to appear in July.


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