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Tesla Model 3 in trailer test




Practice test

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Tesla Model 3 is one of the few electric vehicles with optional trailer hooks. Testing on YouTube has shown that the topic is sensitive. The original range of Tesla Model 3 is much smaller.

With the Tesla Model 3, the YouTuber Ben Sullivan [channel: Teslanomics] experience averages about 400 kilometers. This information will of course always depend on driving style, weather and other factors. Of course, the weight of the vehicle also plays a very important role. What about the trailer under Model 3?

To find out, YouTuber equipped the Tesla Model 3 with a third-party supplier's trailer hook [AHK] and connected an old camping trailer. This weighed 340 kg. Therefore, when the maximum trailer weight in the Model 3 exceeds 900 kg, there is still much room for improvement. Then it entered the test track.

Much narrower trailer operation

YouTuber calculated that initially driving 320 kilowatt-hours per mile on a 45-kilometre self-tagging circuit. When using a trailer, the average power consumption per mile increased to 448 watt-hours. Converted to kilometers: Starting from the first 400 kilometers, only 260 kilometers remain.

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As mentioned earlier, the scope of electric vehicles depends on many different factors. However, this example should provide a good guide for the extra consumption that can be expected using a Tesla Model 3 trailer.

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