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Test Star Citizen for free: Everything about the new Free Fly event




Free ships are available at Star Citizen's Fleet Week. Free ships are available at Star Citizen's Fleet Week.

At irregular intervals there are events in Star Citizen that let everyone test the game for free. You can see the ships in these periods just borrow. It will soon be time again and a new free-fly event begins. We explain everything you need to know.

Virtual fair in the game world

During the event, the ships are not simply activated on your account. Instead, you have to first attend an in-game fair. Here you can view and borrow the aircraft. This is somewhat cumbersome, especially for newbies. We will therefore help you further.

  • Event: Invictus launch week
  • Duration: From May 22, 2020 to June 1, 2020
  • Place: ArcCorp exhibition center

How to get to the fair: Maneuvering through the city is by no means simple. You can also use our directions to CitizenCon in 2019 for the new event.

Only the lettering on the banners will differ. This time you are looking for the »Invictus Launch Week«. If you have any problems with the operation of the ships, we will also help you.

Which ships can you fly?

You become a different one every day of the event Choice of ships to have. So far, the developer Cloud Imperium Games has not announced which you can test this time. However, the selection will probably be somewhat more limited than for CitizenCon.

So far we only know that the following manufacturers are part of the free fly event represented at Invictus Launch Week will be:

  • Anvil Aerospace
  • Aegis Dynamics
  • Roberts Space Industries
  • Consolidated Outland
  • Tumbril
  • Origin
  • MISC
  • Argo
  • Crusader Industries
  • Drake Interplanetary

Account creation bonuses

If you only created your account with the free fly event, we recommend that you use the referral code generator created by the community.

He randomly gives you the code of another player. If you give that in the registration, you get 5,000 UEC – Star Citizen's in-game currency.

We ask existing players to not posting their code in the comments. If you want to distribute your own code, you can announce this with the request that interested parties should send you a personal message.

In May 2020, in addition to the current Fleet Week, the developer is also planning a first test of the Theater of War game mode, which is similar to a Battlefield or Battlefront. He has not yet announced an exact date for the.


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