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Thanks to this mod you could think of it as GTA 6




No, unfortunately we have no first scenes from GTA 6 for you – but what the well-known modder Razed does with his project Natural Vision Evolved (NVE) from Grand Theft Auto 5 is almost as worth seeing. If you don't believe it, you can look at the new trailer for the mod of the NextGen optics from GTA 5 convince:

After this video it should be clear: The game has never looked so good and the quality is absolutely impressive. NVE optically turns GTA 5 into a kind of definitive edition. You can find even more screenshots from GTA 5 NVE in the Flickr album by Razed.

What exactly does the mod change?

Apart from the fact that the pretty well-made trailer does not have to shy away from the comparison with official announcement videos, the video also reveals some of the most exciting innovations from NVE

. An overview:

  • Better global lighting with ray tracing effect
  • Revised light sources at night, for example street lights
  • Realistic reflections of water surfaces and windows
  • New textures for buildings, streets and other parts of the game world
  • Better smoke and weather simulations

Where can I get the mod? What you see in the video is currently still in the development phase, not all features are ready. But there is a way how you can already get the mod.

Mirroring without and with NVE-Mod in comparison. Notice how the door and the bridge are reflected in puddles.

Light without and with NVE-Mod in comparison. Note how the color of an illuminated surface affects the environment.

Early access access for Patreons

Supporters of the Modder Razed at Patreon get advance access to the already completed areas of the NVE-Mod. However, you must have at least a "gold level", ie him Donate $ 10 a month. Incidentally, there is also a tax in Germany.

If you commit to a lower contribution, you can still access the Discord channel and vote for the mod. When the project is finished, Patreons will have access to it before it becomes free for everyone at GTA Mods.

Razed is a full-time modder who has been working on Natural Vision for years. We already did a graphic comparison in 2017 with his then project Natural Vision Remastered for GTA 5.

The result of his efforts can definitely be seen now. Unfortunately, the system requirements and the final one Release date not yet known. The same still applies to GTA 6. We still dare to make a forecast:

Of course, the rumor mill around the new rock star game is already boiling. The next part is supposedly called GTA VI (CE) and takes place in the 70s and 80s.


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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