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That’s what professionals say about Steel Wave




The new operators in Rainbow Six: victories are called Ace and Melusi. What do professional players think about the two newcomers? The new operators in Rainbow Six: victories are called Ace and Melusi. What do professional players think about the two newcomers?

Operation Steel Wave starts in June and already professionals, streamers and youtubers can take a look at the new operators Ace and Melusi in Rainbow Six: Siege. And all other players can see for themselves on the test servers from May 19th.

But those who like e-athletes and twitch streamer are professionally involved in the tactical shooter are sometimes heavily affected by game changes. Therefore, influencers' opinions can also play a role for developers when it comes to the right game balance.

That's what streamers and Youtubers say about Steel Wave

For professional players such as professional streamers from R6: Siege, the introduction of new operators always raises the question of how well the innovations fit into the previous game balance.

The new defender Melusi, for example, is not exactly a source of great joy for streamer “Anne Munition”. She thinks Melusis Gadget, a trap system with a sound warning signal overpowering and writes via Twitter:

“Your device slows down, gives a loud bass tone nearby, and is bulletproof. I feel that there are already too many bulletproof devices, but maybe that's just my opinion. You can attack it in close combat, but that means that you have to get it. “

The well-known youtuber “Get_Flanked” has already dealt extensively with Melusi and Ace in Rainbow Six: Siege. In two videos he shares his experiences with his own game plays.

Melusi: The overpowering defender?

Get_Flanked also concludes that defender Melusi is overpowering. This is mainly due to the following points:

  • Melusi is a fast operator with little armor, so it can move very quickly, but can withstand less damage.
  • Melusis T-5 submachine gun has a high rate of fire and is particularly suitable for quickly killing opponents. She also has a very good sidearm with the RG15.
  • Melusi carries three gadgets that can effectively cover many access routes. The alarm system draws attention to enemies, slows them down and makes them easy targets for the mobile defender.

Ace: the strongest operator in Rainbow Six?

The new attacker Ace is, according to Get_Flanked, an extremely powerful operator, perhaps even “the strongest in the game”. According to the Youtuber, Ace is stronger than the hard breakers Hibana and Thermite. This is due to its powerful weapon and gadget combination:

  • Ace is a medium-speed operator with medium-weight armor, so it relies on a compromise between strength and agility.
  • Ace has the AK-12, one of the most powerful weapons in Rainbow Six: victories in terms of damage per second.
  • As a hard-breaker, the new hero in Rainbow Six destroys reinforced walls with the help of his thrown Selma Aqua Breacher gadget.
  • His greatest strength is the combination of breaking through and effectively fighting opponents. As a result, Ace is less dependent on teammates to launch an attack. Fuze, for example, who also runs the AK-12, needs a hard breaker to penetrate reinforced walls.

That's what professionals say about Steel Wave

The R6 coach from the E-Sport Team Fnatic, Laurent “Crapelle” Patriarche, is looking forward to the new operators Melusi and Ace. He points out that the balance to the release of new heroes is often not yet fully developed and only future patches would smooth the waves.

The captain of the Spacestation Gaming e-sports team, Javier “ThinkingNade” Escamilla, expresses his displeasure with the new R6 operator Ace in a rather harsh manner. On Twitter the professional writes: “I hate Ace, all my friends hate Ace.” Escamilla leaves open where the reasons for the dislike lie.

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To overview

We'll see how players respond to Rainbow Six: Siege's test servers on Ace and Melusi. From May 19th will get a lot of feedback from Ubisoft. Balance adjustments until the full release of Operation Steel Wave in June are therefore likely.



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