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The 7 most ridiculous villains in One Piece




The One Piece story is incredibly rich. We can think of many reasons why you have to watch anime despite its length. It is one of the longest-running series in existence, but that should not serve as an excuse to miss Eiichiro Oda's work. Like all anime, it also has plots and filler episodes, but One Piece solves it with an exceptional character design. If you are a follower of the series you will know what we are talking about. Devil Fruits bring a variety of personalities like no other anime has, though occasionally features pretty ridiculous characters.

After more than 900 episodes, Luffy has encountered One Piece's baddest villains, but also some very strange ones. They are not especially powerful and many will not even be remembered. So here we have dedicated a space to find the most ridiculous villains that Eiichiro Oda has created. From very early on, the series taught us that it is not necessary to have powers to be a pretty hated antagonist both for his physical appearance and for his personality.


Koby and Helmeppo
Koby and Helmeppo when he was demoted in the Navy

First chapter and Helmeppo is presented as a despotic and arrogant character. A spoiled child, son of the captain of the Navy Morgan and without any scruples. You have no word. He cheated on Zoro to kill him and uses his father's power to threaten the town. He had a girl executed. But it is quite ridiculous because when things don't turn out the way he wants, he runs away with the promise of revenge. He always guards behind the Marines, leaving evidence of his cowardice. Not to mention his hairstyle … Luckily, when Luffy meets him in the Enies Lobby arc, Helmeppo has completely changed, but his ridiculous image is hard to forget.


Bentham is agent of the band Baroque Works

You have to jump into the Arabasta arc to meet Bentham. The Baroque Works organization chases the Straw Hat pirates on their way to Arabasta with Vivi. What is striking is its appearance that hides a curious story behind. It is an okama

, a term used in Japan to refer to transvestites. Dress in a very extravagant way with ballerina slippers, a medieval costume, a pink coat with swans on each shoulder. Wear the painted face and his attacks are dance. He has a strange way of speaking and due to his double identity he is the only Baroque Works agent who has no partner.


Foxy, "split hair" for Luffy

Meeting the Foxy Pirates has possibly been The most surreal thing that has happened to Luffy. Foxy is an atypical captain because he does not have an imposing or threatening physique. He has a very prominent red nose and split hair in two. Luffy calls him "split hair" for this reason, but every time something bad is said to him, Foxy gets depressed quickly. It is a character that arouses anger and grief in equal parts. Foxy tries to trick all the pirates he comes across. He places bets with the crews of the other ships knowing that he is going to win and is considered unbeatable. In Luffy's innocence, Luffy falls again and again in his bets, wasting time to continue his journey. Filler chapters

that they left us a character as ridiculous as Foxy.

Mr 9

Mr. 9
Mr. 9, Baroque Works agent

The Baroque band has left several characters worthy of being forgotten. Mr. 9 is an agent accompanying Miss Wednesday. She wears a very ostentatious crown and the nine written on her cheeks. Always proves to have an inferiority complex, so tries to appear self-confident even when facing Zoro. The swordsman easily defeats him as he is quite useless in combat. The most remarkable thing about this character is his relationship with his partner, where he is seen to appreciate true friendship. He never becomes a fearsome villain and in fact left his place in the band. He appears to be a member of royalty, but his demeanor is closer to a jester.


Wanze with his usual face

A lot of interesting things happened in Water 7, including the appearance of CP9 with Rob Lucci as leader. This made things difficult for Luffy when he tried to rescue Robin, but Wanze will not go down in One Piece history as a great character. When they get on board the ocean train, Sanji meets this chef in the kitchen. Apparently he's weak until he uses Ramen Kenpo, shooting noodles through the nose while controlling them at will. Is constantly ridiculed, presenting him as an ugly character who, when beaten, becomes handsome, although he seems horrible to him.

Salchow and Arbell

Salchow and Arbell kissing
Salchow and Arbell kissing

This couple is part of the Accino family in the Lovely Land arc. Arbell is the daughter of Don Accino, a man who collects pirate flags. They both move with ice skates and always do a choreography demonstrating your love. This freaks Sanji out of everything and is pretty gooey in the middle of a fight. Together they make combo attacks, stunts and other stunts to defeat the enemy. Of course, Arbell proved to be a rival of height against Sanji.

Campacino and Toast

Campacino and Toast
The Campacino and Brindo twins

Two other children of Don Accino. Campachino and Brindo look like circus acrobats for their skills and looks. They are twins and have a special magnetism, literally. These two fighters use their magnet ability to make surprise attacks. Their choreographies are peculiar and Luffy continuously expresses his surprise, despite being his opponent. Brindo intervenes in the fight when he sees his brother in distress, but what really interests him is to finish as soon as possible and attend Don Accino's birthday.

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