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“The best line-up in the history of PlayStation” for Eric Lempel



“The best line-up in the history of PlayStation” for Eric Lempel

As of course, after the broadcast of the first official advertisement of the PS5, praising DualSense and 3D audio, communication has restarted at Sony and an interview is given. Games Industry allowed to know the state of mind of the manufacturer a few months of the launch.

Right now, gamers are awaiting a price and date for the PS5 – with the option to pre-order, if possible. Eric Lempel, head of marketing for Sony Interactive Entertainment, in the Games Industry agreement interview, recalled the difficulties encountered, on all fronts, due to the global health situation.

The fact of not being able to take advantage of a “normal” world where demonstrations and taken in hand would multiply in the world is a challenge. But he remains confident:

We'll be launching the console this year – that's for sure – and, we're going to make sure we deliver all the magic and excitement of past launches.

Well, we hope that he knowingly forgot that of the PS3 on the Champs-Lyses. But let's move on.

At the moment, the number of games, especially First Party, confirmed for the launch of the PS5 is not very clear. Moreover, none is highlighted at the start of the promotional campaign, which focuses on the new sensations provided by the new joypad. He explains

Once we're done with all of the features that PlayStation 5 has, what really makes it a next-gen product is the content. The one in the launch window and beyond is incredibly exciting. I would say this is the best line-up we've ever had in PlayStation history, between our Worldwide Studios teams and our partners from various publishers around the world. We have revealed some of the content, and of course more is coming. But the way in which developers can interact with this platform and create new experiences with established intellectual property or not, it is terribly exciting.

Don't count on him to say more. But confidence is beautiful. The match is likely to be interesting with the Xbox Series X, for which Phil Spencer had held much the same speech … Before Halo Infinite is seen postponed. Which line-up will win? Will the PS5 be able to get off to a great start without a new episode of Fantavision or Knack 3? The answers at the end of the year, the release of the two machines.

I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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