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The best PC Mouse from Gaming to office



The best PC Mouse from Gaming to office

Aukey is a Chinese company well known to all Amazon regulars. It has a wide range of various peripherals ranging from simple USB extension cables to Bluetooth speakers, including USB hubs, keyboards and … gaming mouse. There, its catalog is rather well supplied and we decided to review one of its latest models, the GM-F4 Knight, which is therefore characterized by its price, but also by a level of quality that we would not suspect. not this rate.

Compact and light … but not too much

For some years now, some manufacturers have been engaged in a merciless struggle to achieve the lightest possible mouse. Innovative materials, honeycomb structures and flexible cables are some of the avenues taken by these builders to whom Aukey… do not try to compete at all! His GM-F4 Knight is not a heavyweight, but it is in an honest average that long sessions of play help to find very acceptable: it weighs exactly 100 grams and therefore does not overly strain our forearms.

Ct congestion either, one should not look for a revolution in Aukey which here retains very standard dimensions. The interest is obviously to have a mouse capable of bending most morphologies, most habits. This is how small hands will more readily adopt a palm grip (grip with the palm) when the larger ones tend to opt for a fingertip grip (fingertip). In either case, we are very pleasantly surprised by the ergonomics of the mouse.

The shape of the GM-F4 Knight also completely ignores anything that could pass for accessories and we do not find, for example, no outgrowth to let the thumb or little finger rest. There is also no question of changing modular elements to adjust the ergonomics of the box. On the other hand, Aukey lets itself go a little with a relatively present lighting: three RGB zones in total, one under the mouse, one at the logo on the back of the box and the last around the dial

Since we are talking about the thumbwheel, it is good to point out that the latter is a basic model without the possibility of disengaging it or enjoying side clicks. On the other hand, its notches are very pronounced and the rotation is done in a rather hard way: understand by l that it is necessary to put a little force to make it turn. Some will appreciate this resistance, others less, it is of course a matter of taste. Question of taste also the presence of three buttons at the thumb: for our part, it is a frank and massive yes.

A yes, especially since the position of these three buttons poses no problem: they remain accessible in all circumstances and obviously add an additional command compared to traditional mouse. We can thus count on seven real buttons and a click wheel. Finally, our little tour of the owner ends with the turning of the mouse. There, we discover two sliding areas and the USB cable fixing area. Alas, the latter is indeed not detachable … in any case not without opening the mouse. Pity.

A not obvious software to download

Like most manufacturers, Aukey logically chose a Pixart sign sensor to animate his mouse. This is the aging PMW3325 which certainly does not have the characteristics of the latest models, but which does the job more than correctly. Sensitivity can be adjusted from 100,000 to 10,000 stitches per inch and although some players will want to be able to go higher, this is sufficient in most cases. Optical, this sensor is capable of good precision and even during the most nervous parts, we did not feel any particular problem.

The reactivity of buttons is hardly open to criticism. They are pleasant to handle and no misclick is to be deplored. The main question will concern their longevity since they are only guaranteed for 20 million clicks when certain competitors put forward figures of 30 million or even 50 or 70 million. Nothing to say about the glide of the GM-F4 Knight either: there are of course some mouse that do better and are more pleasant at this level, but nothing prohibitive with this product. Aukey. On the other hand, we are a little more astonished by the mystery which surrounds the software of the mark.

Indeed, impossible to find the G-Aim Control on the site of the manufacturer and to denounce it it is a link Google Drive that was given to us. All the more surprising that this software is complete and quite practical to use for those who are used to it. The sensitivity levels, the function of each of the controls or the scrolling speed of the dial are the main options. It is also possible to change the polling rate and adjust the lighting parameters. A fault at this level, the zones are not managed independently of one another.

x x x x x

less than 25 euros, the GM-F4 Knight is clearly not intended to compete with the latest models from Corsair or Razer. has never been the philosophy of‘Aukey, a Chinese brand that focuses much more on the entry level with well designed products at low prices. From this point of view, the challenge is met with flying colors. Aukey and this little mouse is a success all the way. Of course, the features are minimal. For example, do not expect to find a sniper button on the thumb or a wheel with side clicks. Still, the Pixart PWM3325 sensor is shown to be as precise as it is sensitive. The grip is comfortable and the glide of good quality: if the product does not slam, you will admit that these qualities are what is most important … especially less than 25 euros!

x x x xxxx x x x
  • Basic shape, but comfortable
  • Three very accessible buttons on the thumb
  • Very good accuracy and responsiveness
  • Serrated wheel, rather robust
  • LED indicator of the selected DPI profile
  • Software missing from the official site ?!
  • Non-detachable cable
  • Non-disengaging wheel, no side clicks
  • Exclusively for right-handed people
x x x x x
  • Price : Around 25 euros
  • Weight : 100 g
  • Dimensions : 125 x 64 x 40 mm
  • Login : exclusively wired, USB (1.8 m)
  • Orders : 7 buttons, 1 non-disengaging wheel
  • Sensor : Optical, Pixart PWM3325
  • Sensitivity : 100 – 10,000 PPP
  • Response rate : 125 – 1000 Hz
  • Guarantee : 2 years
  • Where to buy? : Amazon

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