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The classic Freedom Fighters is now available on Steam and GOG



Freedom Fighters, he shooter third-person IO Interactive released in 2003 for PC, PS2, GameCube and Xbox, already is available to buy on Steam and GOG with a discount this first week of 33%, 9.89 instead of 14.99. At the time, it was put on sale in a physical version for PC and did not have an official launch in digital stores. Her departure was quite predictable after registering again in the PEGI age rating system.

“Unleash supplies, loot weapons and use the recruitment and command system to increase the strength of the resistance and command up to 12 freedom fighters in strategic conflicts throughout the campaign. Tour the city and fulfill interconnected missions where your actions on one level will affect the fight on others“, says the developer, who remembers that” it is available digitally for the first time in its original format “.

With extra soundtrack and PDF manual

This is not a remastering that drastically improves the graphics, as can be seen in the screenshots, but it has been used to add various extras for “nostalgia”, such as the soundtrack composed by Jesper Kyd – IO Interactive collaborator in several Hitman

and Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, in addition to the series Assassin's Creed and many other games. Offers 16 music tracks in MP3 and FLAC format without loss, with two tracks that were never included in the game. Also, the original PC manual is distributed in PDF, with all the tips on closing applications in old Windows 98.

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