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The clown Pennywise becomes an anime girl in this curious figure




Young people in the 80s have a certain respect for clowns today. And the film It, the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel, is a good fault. Pennywise clown scared many kids back then for his terrifying appearance, mouth full of teeth and a red balloon that could only mean the worst of nightmares. It is a reference and has been transferred to our days with a remake that has a rather disturbing deleted scene. Would Pennywise be just as scary if i was a woman

? Now you can check it with a new one clown figure imagined as an anime girl.

The Japanese brand Kotobukiya has a line of figures called Horror Bishoujo (Pretty Girls of Horror) that transforms the most terrifying characters from the movies into anime girls. In its catalog you can find female versions of the devil doll, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers or Beetlejuice, among others. But now it's Pennywise's turn, and oddly enough, it has a charm it otherwise wouldn't have. The figure has a design inspired by the remake character

in white and pink tones, while the face is much more friendly with brown hair. Of course the red balloon could not be missing and the base pretends to be a pool of blood with the small paper boat.

The figure measures 25.5 centimeters and already available to reserve to priced at $ 112, although shipments are scheduled for October. The character of It is so popular that, coinciding with the premiere of Chapter 2, he became Mr. X thanks to a mod from Resident Evil 2 Remake.


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