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The creators of Streets of Rage 4 wanted to include Joe Musashi from Shinobi




Streets of Rage 4 I could have had Joe Musashi, protagonist of the saga Shinobi, as a playable character. However, the SEGA internal bureaucracy and other problems related to the Japanese company prevented it, as he explains Jordi Asensio, one of the developers at Guard Crush Games.

In an interview with the French Twitch channel Gwak in which the developers of Guard Crush Games: Asensio, the programmer Cyrille Lagarigue and the composer Olivier Deriviere participated, explained that the SEGA's Japanese division rejected the idea of ​​adding Joe Musashi.

The reason, they argued, is that SEGA is a huge company made up of several smaller entities, and they only had contact with a small division of SEGA Japan. The inclusion of Joe Musashi depended on what SEGA section has character permissions, "and many other things"

, according to the translation of DualShockers.

Although the protagonist of Shinobi was not included in the game, Streets of Rage 4 has multiple tributes to the games of the Japanese company, and a lot of elements from the previous Streets of Rage of Mega Drive that are implemented in the gameplay of the new game.

Streets of Rage 4
is now available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

The title, developed by Dotemu, Lizardcube and the already mentioned Guard Crush Games, was published on April 30 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One; on these last two platforms it is available on Xbox Game Pass. In the same Twitch interview, the creators assured that have ideas for additional content, but at the moment they have nothing going.

"It is not easy to recover the essence of a classic title, and here it is not only maintained, but it is improved with small details to give it more depth", we explained in our analysis. "The best we can tell you is that, if you are followers of the mythical titles of Mega Drive, I can assure you that Streets of Rage 4 he deserves that four. "


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