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The Culling 2: bizarre payment model: real money per match




There are games in which nothing runs smoothly. But not because of bad luck, but because of rather absurd ideas. The Culling 2 definitely makes you frown.

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The battle royale game The Culling 2 was quite a zero number for its (first) release in July 2018 and was removed from the stores very quickly because more or less hardly a sow was interested in the game. It comes as no surprise that PUBG and Fortnite already had the Battle Royale in their hands.

Now the game appears again for Xbox One and given the payment model, you have to ask yourself a bit whether the developers still have all the slats on the fence. If you want to purchase the game, you first have to buy it for a small amount ($ 5.99) and then you have almost a day of free play time.

After that, players can play one match per day for free. Further matches can only be started with match tokens, for which you either have to pay with real money in different graduations or have to win matches (which can quickly go wrong with Battle Royale). It is questionable whether the developers will be successful with this model, especially since the already overpowering competition can be played free of charge by the bank and is financed through microtransactions. We predict a short and not very profitable future.

Absolute insolence – The Culling 2 and its demise

The Culling 2 can only be called insolence. In this video we show you why the PUBG clone causes such outrage.


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