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The Epic Games Store has been down for two hours for the arrival of GTA V for free and that is also affecting Fortnite




Epic Games we are happy every Thursday with the news that he has enabled a new video game to be able to download it for free, but this week has been one of the biggest bombings that has occurred in the Epic Games Store at gift us GTA V: Premium Edition.

Rockstar's hit title carries free from 5:00 p.m., but if you try to enter the digital store

the most normal thing is that an error message appears, since servers are down because of the avalanche of users who will be trying to enter right now to get GTA V without paying for it.

This situation it's not just hurting the store In itself, it is impossible to visit it and buy any title. It is also affecting itself Fortnite, Epic Games' Battle Royale, as the game's official Twitter account has reported that they are trying to solve the problems that users are suffering when playing.

We are investigating problems on PC and Mac that affect the connection through the launcher and internal purchases. We will offer an update as we have more information.

It seems like they are not able to connect through the launcher neither on PC nor on Mac and you can't either make internal purchases right now. The company has indicated that it will notify as soon as it has more information, but at least you already know what it is in case you are one of those affected.

It is to be hoped that throughout the afternoon the situation will normalize, because we have also witnessed these types of cases on Steam when a series of offers begins, although it is striking that Epic Games is taking time to get the store to return to to be in order. We will remain stay tuned for any news about it.


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