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The exploration of the horse ghost will "let the island guide you"




By Cian Maher
Thursday, May 14, 2020 22:27 GMT

In today's PlayStation Play state, the spooky expedition to the island of Ma is described as being specifically used to "let the island guide you".

You can view the full trailer for "The Ghost of the Horse" game below. A total of about 18 minutes, which contains information about combat, customization, etc. But let ’s focus on exploring Ghost Island for a minute, because according to Jason Connell, creative director of Ghost Island, “Exploration is the core of (its) open world design.”

In "The Ghost of the Horse", "Let the people on the island guide" is not just the airy words you want to hear from the monk on the mountain. Instead, you can summon a gust of wind, which will push the gusts of clairvoyance in the right direction. Today ’s trailer showcases the environment including Kahine Hills (beautiful areas dotted with gorgeous orchids) and Yagata forest, with winding roads surrounded by tall and sparse trees.

The trailer also features honorary shrines, which can be found by tracking foxes. The fox is your friend in the horse ghost. This is awesome. (Entering these shrines is actually very beneficial, because it allows you to increase the number of secondary slots that Jin can use, and each slot can be filled with a special charm, designed to give him a powerful gain- Yes, believe the fox).

The ghost of horse adventure

If you are eager to learn more about "The Ghost of the Horse", the "Gameplay Status" game trailer also provides us with detailed information about the "Ghost of the Horse" battle. You can fight like a glorious warrior, or you can become a ghost and literally "use fear as a weapon".

The ghost of horse adventure

Sucker Punch had originally planned to release "The Ghost" in June this year, but due to COVID-19, he was forced to announce a short delay. The release date of the new version is July 17, less than a month from the original release date.

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