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The first film is a guilty pleasure of … James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar)




Even if it met with some success with the public, and led an endless series of films, the first adaptation in real shots of Resident Evil was not very well received by critics and fans of the series. Capcom's Survival Horror. The film by Paul W.S. Anderson, however, has supports, and in some cases, weighty supports.

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The famous British magazine Empire

recently asked the famous American filmmaker James Cameron about the films to which he turns in these times of social distancing and confinement. surprisingly, the director of classics like Terminator 2, Aliens or Titanic, cited a film rarely mentioned positively by cinphiles and players:

One of my guilty pleasures is Resident Evil, a film which I think is really nicely done. Seeing Michelle Rodriguez move like a cold beast in this film gives me joy (the character embodied by the actress turns into a zombie in the film, note). These are the statements that are likely to please Paul W.S. Anderson, the director of this first adaptation on the big screen of the Capcom series. Released in 2002, his film had generated approximately $ 103 million at the world box office for a budget of $ 33 million. The film's success was important enough to convince Sony Pictures and Capcom to repeat the experience.

Between 2002 and 2016, six Resident Evil films featuring the character of Alice, embodied by Milla Jovovich, were released in theaters. It is now an adaptation of another Capcom license, Monster Hunter, that the duo (husband the city) Anderson-Jovovich are preparing.

What do you think of the first film Resident Evil (and the series as a whole)? As with James Cameron, is this one of your guilty pleasures? Empty your bag in the comments below.


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