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The four new games of May 2020 are announced on video




After more than two years of Swiss-wide consistency, Nintendo announced in the fall that Nintendo Switch Online retro games would no longer benefit from a monthly update, opting for an irregularity with which public transit users 'le-de-France are all too habitus.

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But because you always have to give a good reason to renew your subscription, Nintendo today announces the arrival of four new retro games, which will bring the total number of games available 82, a number that particularly excites numrologists

. As of May 20, subscribers in need of pixel will be able to take advantage of :

  • Wild guns (SNES), the western SF of Natsume with a resolutely arcade orientation
  • Pon Panel (SNES), the Japanese puzzle game released in 1995 exclusively on Super Famicom (it had been renamed Tetris Attack in the West), and that we must once again illustrate the Gunpei Yokoi
  • Operation Logic Bomb (SNES), a top down shooter by Jaleco, which will offer substitution treatment to Contra fans
  • Rygar (NES), Tecmo's action game, which we don't know if the famous bug that limited player statistics has been fixed in the meantime

If this selection does not win your favor, maybe you will find a good reason to go into exile in Japan, because island players will be able to indulge in Super Punch-Out !! and Journey to Silius in place of Wild Guns and Operation Logic Bomb. What do you want: life is so made, and generally unfair.

Wild Guns, Pon's Panel, Operation Logic Bomb and Rygar will all be available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers starting May 20. So happy ?


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