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The gyroscopic aim arrives on Xbox



The gyroscopic aim arrives on Xbox

With its controllers, Microsoft has so far not taken the step of motion detection as Nintendo and Sony have done. The American glove has finally taken the plunge, but indirectly, to meet a very specific request.

It was during its Game Stack Live mission in August 2020 uploaded yesterday that Microsoft made a surprising revelation concerning the control modes of Xbox games (starting at 41min14 in the video above). Indeed, while it was about the news of Project xCloud, the Redmond company has revealed that it is now possible to use the gyroscopic aim while playing on mobile via Project xCloud


This means that people who use their smartphones to play titles like Gears 5 via the cloud now have the ability to aim by moving their device.

Microsoft (which has not communicated the list of games compatible with this new feature) concedes that this way of aiming takes some time to adapt to players who are used to the controller but comes more naturally to people who are used to playing on their own. smartphone.

According to the developers at Microsoft, it is easy for them to make changes to this new control system. It is therefore likely that the thing will see improvements in the coming months.

At the time when these lines are written, this aiming system should remain exclusive to smartphone games via Project xCloud. In fact, the Xbox controllers, both on Xbox One and on Xbox Series X, do not have a gyroscope.

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