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The hobbies of the most wanted pirates of One Piece according to the creator of the series




The Straw Hat pirates have no time to waste. The last chapter of One Piece anticipates a great war in Onigashima between Kaido's allies and the Red Pods, explained in a practical infographic. Kanjuro has Momonosuke in custody and is on his way to hand him over to the leader of the Beast Pirates. Wano's arc is one of the most intense in both duration and plot, leading the reader through several very relevant Gol D. Roger flashbacks. But what do pirates do when they have nothing better to do? Which are your hobbies?

A reader asked Eiichiro Oda about this question and the creator of One Piece replied with many details to everyone's surprise. According to Oda, Luffy's hobbies are more than evident. The rubber boy loves it adventures and banquets

, while Zoro is more traditional and likes to train and sake, a traditional Japanese drink. But it has not only revealed the hobbies of the protagonists, but we now know the hidden passions of characters like Kid, Trafalgar Law, Blackbeard, Killer, Drake or Hawkins, the pirate who has his own intro in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4. This reveals, for example, that Killer likes to cook; Kid collects weapons
; and Drake is fascinated by astrophysics, among other things. You can check out Eiichiro Oda's full answer below, thanks to Reddit user Porterpeak.

Worst Generation’s hobbies desde OnePiece

Without a doubt what has caught the most attention is that Scratchmen Apoo likes to surf, considering that, as a consumer of a Devil fruit, you could not swim if you fell off the table. Tell us, what is the hobby that surprised you the most?

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