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The Medium is made possible by Xbox Series X hardware




It may have been a detail that went unnoticed by many in the past Inside Xbox dedicated to the next-gen. The Medium video game, produced by Bloober Team, appeared as exclusive game for the new generation, pointing to an exclusivity for Xbox Series X. Why have its creators decided that it only comes out in the new generation? Apparently, his concept, his mechanisms and his world were impossible in the current generation of consoles, as explained by its chief designer.

The title, which will come to Microsoft also accompanied by Observer: System Redux, also confirmed for PS5, wants to start taking advantage of the benefits of Microsoft's new hardware. As noted Wojciech Piejko, Chief Designer of the title at Bloober Team, in an interview with Gamepot: «The idea took shape in 2012, at least, I think the first iteration of this». In an interview with GameSpot, the designer highlights this and later makes it clear that «only the next-gen is capable of handling our vision. We have been waiting for this moment ».

The Medium gameplay

They do not want to advance anything ahead of time, and more knowing that their launch is scheduled for the end of the present 2020. The team wants to keep more aces up their sleeve that they will reveal in the coming months to whet their appetite: “I can't say anything right now about our most important function, we will have to save it for later. However, I can say that the gameplay mechanics built around those two worlds couldn't be done on today's hardware

«. In The Medium, We will alternate between the real world and the beyond, and how this possibility will be embodied, in addition to the jumps that we will make between one and the other, are only viable with the console that is to come.

Such is the confidence of the team in this mechanic, that they have come to patent it, since they believe that «Will distinguish our game from any other». So they have waited so long, to the point that they will only launch your proposal on Xbox Series X and PC. What will be the mechanics so linked to those two worlds?

Is The Medium a real preview of the new generation of consoles?

We recently echoed Geoff Keighley's statements in which he mentioned that we have not seen the true graphic potential of the new generation. The reception of the Inside Xbox last week left many users with doubts about the real capabilities of the new platforms, and it seems that Bloober Team's words are that ray of light that many expected.

Even if The Medium has been shown littleIts mere approach has only been viable until the next-gen has appeared. The title, which showed a small preview of Microsoft's presentation, may soon reveal more of what makes it so special. Its existence has been possible thanks to Xbox Series X. We have already had the first preview of the possibilities of the new generation, now it remains to be seen what the rest does.


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