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The most amazing thing about this realistic GTA V mod is not its graphics, but the brilliant trailer with which it has been presented




That the modder community of GTA V It has been delivering authentic wonders for a long time, it is nothing new. This is the only way to explain that part of all that work has been able to become a source of income for its creators. One of the examples is the Patreon

Razed and his mod Natural Vision.

The mod, still in development, works on elements such as meteorology, lighting, ambient colors or textures to provide the game with Rockstar from a visual and detail level spectacular.

However, modifications of this style we have already experienced a few, so to try to get our attention its creator has shaped a brilliant video

in collaboration with the editor IceVip. The work behind it is so good that it could even go through an official trailer. Here it is.

Razed ensures on the project page at GTA5 Mods than Natural Vision Evolved

It will be ready this year, but has not yet offered an exact release date. If you dare to turn the visual aspect of your GTA V now that you are free on PChere you have a good handful of realistic mods those who are worth keeping an eye on.


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