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The new Triggo electric car changes the width: push the button and drive through traffic jams




Agile electric car with two seats

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There has never been such a thing: the compact electric car Triggo is reminiscent of Renault Twizzy and can reduce its track width. For example, it glides through narrow gaps like a motorcycle and takes up almost no space when parking. Nevertheless, it also applies to highways.

Triggo is as narrow as a motorcycle and can meander between two cars if necessary.

Triggo is as narrow as a motorcycle and can meander between two cars if necessary. [Source: YouTube screenshot]

There was once a motorcyclist who surpassed you in traffic jams, and you thought: "The range may be narrower, but it will rain." Triggo combines the advantages of a flexible motorcycle or scooter with weather protection and car comfort. The unique technique lies in the variable track width.

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The compact electric car Triggo comes from the brand of the same name …
[Source: Triggo]

Almost like batman

Light vehicles [without batteries and weighing less than 400 kg] travel at speeds up to 90 km / h, so theoretically they should be driven on the highway. However, in Germany, you should not just meander between standing vehicles. However, in any case, it is for urban use. The variable track width is particularly advantageous here. With the push of a button, it can be reduced from 148 cm to 86 cm. Then Triggo is also suitable for crossing the narrow streets of the old town, which reminds us of Batman.

In this working mode, which the manufacturer calls "manipulation mode", the maximum speed is limited to 25 km / h and the turning circle melts to 3.5 meters. Therefore, you can almost open the famous beer mat. Five triggers should be placed side by side on a regular parking lot!

In order to prevent small electric cars from tipping over such narrow lanes, electronic countermeasures have been adopted. The Polish manufacturer also promised to replace the battery quickly and may upgrade autonomous driving in the future. It is said that the two-person voyage is about 100 kilometers.

Used by car sharing providers

The manufacturer initially hoped to sell Triggo to a car-sharing provider. On the contrary, he added some functions to the advertisement, which can simplify the fleet management. For example, several vehicles can be coupled. The driver only needs to sit in the front lead car, and the remaining triggos will follow the mother duck like a chicken. Citroen recently proposed a possible, equally compact alternative to AMI's Triggo. The price of an electric car for two people is said to be 6,900 Euros.

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