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The next game from the makers of Control may be called Bigfish





Remedy Games, the company behind the success of the Control video game, seems to be working on a new project. A new project whose name has been recently leaked. His next video game will be called “Bigfish”.

The leak has occurred through the database of Epic Games. Apparently, the platform will publish other titles from the developer such as The Last Guardian or Inside and will also do the same with Big fish.

Remedy Games is already working on a new project

Remedy Games is one of the most active video game development companies today. After launching Control last year, the studio immediately began developing downloadable content for the title in the form of DLC. Likewise, the company achieved a promising associative agreement with Epic Games.

Despite the fact that nobody expected news of the company for a couple of years, it seems that they are already immersed in the creation of another title. In the File “”

From the Epic Games database, numerous Remedy Games entries have been found related to a game called Big Fish.

Remedy Games

In all of the entries in this section of the Epic Games database (see image) the word “Bigfish” appears frequently, leading us to believe that this term will be related to the title of the next game from the makers of Control. Apart from that, we do not have much more information on the matter, as there are no references or images or other details about the video game. The only thing we know is that the tickets have been created from the 11th of this month of May 2020.

Big Fish will not be a DLC for Control

Chances are, these entries are a foreword to the project for Epic Games, who keep these entries in their database for developers to share. builds initials of their video games.

Information from Game Rant suggests that Big Fish will not be a new DLC for Control. Alternatively, it could be a shorter title, a smaller scale project It could well be located in the same universe as the company's Triple A. Something that fans would absolutely love!

On the other hand, we know that the next Control DLC will feature an exciting crossover with Alan Wake. According to Remedy Games, the downloadable content will tell what happened to the iconic franchise character. And you, what news do you expect from the company?

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