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The next Pokémon movie is delayed by the coronavirus




First were the anime series and now the movies. Due to the health emergency, some countries have taken drastic measures of confinement, so many companies have had to stop their usual activity. The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on all economic sectors and Pokémon has been no exception. The anime has already announced delays like many others. Eiichiro Oda himself made a statement warning of possible further delays in One Piece, another series that has had to take a forced break. And now the next movie in the Pokémon franchise it postpones its release indefinitely.

This was confirmed from the official website from the 23rd Pokémon movie that will be titled Gekijōban Pocket Monster Koko (Coco in Spanish). Its release date was scheduled for July 10 in Japan

, but they have had to delay it due to the effects of the coronavirus. Yet they have not given a specific dateAlthough they say it will be announced on social networks as soon as they make a decision. The new movie introduces a new legendary Pokémon called Zarude who will experience adventures in the forest of Okoya, a protected Pokémon paradise that prohibits entry to strangers. It also features Koko, a boy raised by the Pokemon, so he considers Zarude as his father.

The film will cover this such a special bond between Koko and Zarude, something that makes us wonder if the legendary will have the ability to speak like other Pokémon. Be that as it may, we will have to wait to see the final result.

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