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the Onigashima War, explained with this practical infographic



It's a matter of time before it starts the battle of onigashima. In the last chapter of One Piece we have seen how Luffy infiltrates Kaido's allied pirates thanks to Kin’emon and his Devil Fruit. The rubber boy has reached the center of Onigashima before anyone else, although his initial plan was to enter from behind. As the bullets say, Onigashima is an island armored by mountains, so this greatly reduces the chances of surprise. However, the Straw Hats surprised the Torii guards leaving them out of action. What is the plan from now on? With the following images you will understand it easily.

Kaido and Orochi are celebrating the alliance with the Big Mom Pirates at a banquet. They are inside his castle, but outside this festival is held with food and drink. All of Kaido's allied factions are gathered. In the meantime, Trafalgar Law will surround the island with his submarine

, while the Red Pods will go through the mountains on the right flank. Furthermore, Denjiro will march on the left flank to infiltrate the castle. There are many armies involved, but the following infographic summarizes perfectly the different clans of Kaido.

Battle of Onigashima

Battle of Onigashima

All the factions involved (click to enlarge the image)

Battle of Onigashima

During Chapter 978, One Piece introduced all of Kaido's vassals. Headliners and confidants Jack, Queen and King, who was in charge of calling the six Voladores. But it also has the Gifters, Waiters, Pleasures and Numbers. Orochi has the Oniwabansho and Mimawarigumi, the Wano police force, as allies. The third in disagreement is Big Mom, who has an entire entourage at her service prepared for battle. Charlotte Linlin has Commanders Sweet and their officers, all members of the family.

The Red Pods can carry out their revenge after 20 years, after the death of Kozuki Oden. They are not alone as Denjiro revealed his true identity and gathered thousands of samurai foiling Kanjuro leaks, the traitor of the Wano Country. On the other hand, there are also the members of the Kyoshiro family, the Yakuza and the Mink tribe. At the last minute the Straw Hat Pirates, Heart Pirates and Kid Pirates have joined in, always competing for their power. The battle of Onigashima is going to be epic, but this week there is no One Piece chapter.

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