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The Origami King will land on July 17 on Nintendo Switch




Much has been written about the silence of Nintendo in this 2020 and the possibility that it does not hold a digital event that replaces the provisions for the canceled E3. The company was expected to make announcements on an individual basis and so it seems it will be, based on what happened just a few minutes ago. Because, without anyone expecting it, the Japanese company has announced Paper Mario: The Origami King, which will debut in Nintendo Switch the next July 17th.

paper mario origami
The new Paper Mario is shown on the move on Nintendo Switch

The first installment of the Paper saga on the Nintendo hybrid console will feature a fresh look with an origami look

, As its name indicates. In the presentation trailer, which you can see under these lines, a comprehensive look at the elements it will contain has been shown: puzzles, well-known characters from the Mario saga and countless totally original settings that will take full advantage of Nintendo's current-generation system. And, in addition, a small track related to Metroid is left at the end of it.

Therefore, it seems that Nintendo is also beginning to show its little leg in this 2020 and fulfills that promise that there are still many unannounced games for the rest of 2020. It will be necessary to see what they are still saving in the Japanese company, but there is no doubt that Paper Mario fans are in luck with this ad. The Origami King arrives in just two months to offer a fun new experience.


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