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The Penguin won’t have many scenes in the new Batman movie




The new Batman movie is being carried with great discretion. Hardly any images of the filming have transpired, which right now is stopped by the coronavirus crisis. The only information that comes to drop counts is thanks to its actors or Matt Reeves himself, who will direct this film. Dark Knight fans still have certain doubts about the role of Robert Pattinson like Batman, but they will only be cleared on opening day. This decision was as surprising as meeting Colin Farrell as the Penguin. Everything indicated that the DC Comics supervillain would be the main antagonist of the film, but Farrell has given clues who would deny this.

In a interview granted to the GMA portal

Colin Farrell has spoken about his role in the film and his relationship with this character in his childhood. “Batman was with me as a child, not in comic form, but on the Adam West television show that I watched unconditionally when I was little. Then, in my teens, I saw Burton's version and I loved it », said. Farrell will make his own version of the Penguin, but from his words it seems that won't be the main villain. “His creation, the character's aesthetic, has been fun and I'm really excited to explore it”
explained to warn below that “I do not have much to do. I have a limited number (of scenes) in the film. No way am I everywhere, but I do have some delicious scenes ».

the batman
Robert Pattinson as Batman

Other villains in the DC universe such as Catwoman or Enigma have been confirmed, but it is not clear if any of them will be the antagonist of the film. Still, Farrell has a challenge ahead for fans to forget performances as iconic as Danny DeVito or Robin Lord Taylor in the Gotham series. In the meantime, we will review all versions of Batman that have appeared in movies and on television.


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