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The presentation of the PS5 interface exceeds 6 million views on YouTube



The presentation of the PS5 interface exceeds 6 million views on YouTube

The PS5 interface is no longer a mystery. Sony presented some of the new functions of the console that will arrive on November 12 and 19, including its control center, the different aids to complete a game or the broadcasts superimposed on our game. Players wanted to get a first look at their design and it showed: video on the official channel reaches 6.3 million views in less than 24 hours

, to which we must add videos from other regions -the European version is close to 175,000 views-.

Yesterday it reached the first position in YouTube trends and is still among the 10 most viewed on the platform. Other data also demonstrate the expectations of gamers with the console: it is the 12 video of PlayStation with the most “likes”, it is among the 60 video game videos -on official channels- with more than 300,000 thumbs up in less than a day and a proportion of 97% of likes.

Game Help, one of the new features of the PS5 interface

Among the novelties that the presentation left us, one was the aid for those who seek to complete 100% of the games. Game Help

-in the absence of an official translation, game help- is a function for PS Plus subscribers that gives video tracks to complete challenges, and makes it easy to overlay this image over the game or place it on the side -as the console does with other notifications-. In the example shown, you can see how a Sackboy: A Big Adventure collectible is located, but it could also serve to help solve puzzles, strategy against bosses and any challenges that the developers have planned. This system Picture-in-Picture It can also be used to broadcast friends in a group.

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