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The PS5 in gold or platinum? Coming soon in UK



The PS5 in gold or platinum?  Coming soon in UK

We are still waiting for a date, a price, in short, a sign that the PS5 is our doors. It is not so. However, to be patient, and if you have saved enough over the last three hundred years, you can still show your interest in a collector's item.

Find out why: one day someone decided that gold would be more valuable than anything and that covering it up to our food would be considered a mark of success in life. Well, beyond that, there is something fascinating about the color of gold.The luxurious look of the metal from which the winner's medals are made has already inspired more than one accessory, device, and even very special consoles. Six years after the PS4 and Xbox One 10,000 euros made in Italy, the British brand Truly Exquisite, which puts bling-bling everywhere it is possible, decided that it was time to present its PS5 collection.

A PlayStation 5 finished in 24 karat gold, platinum or 18 karat rose gold will therefore arrive by the end of the year, with the DualSense and the headphone tuning, of course, as you can see in our gallery below. below and the presentation video.

It is a hundred copies of these custom machines which is scheduled for a release around December 2020. There is currently no price. Further information will be provided shortly. And you can always show that you want her very much on the Truly Exquisite site by registering.

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