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The story of Frieza’s fictional son in Dragon Ball AF



The story of Frieza’s fictional son in Dragon Ball AF

Frieza is, without a doubt, one of the cruelest villains in the Dragon Ball Universe. And, along with Vegeta, he is also curiously one of the most popular villains among anime and manga fans.

The truth is that Freeza has had an exciting journey through the different plots in which he has participated in Dragon Ball

. He has destroyed planets, murdered beloved characters like Krillin in cold blood, and even participated in the magnificent Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. But there is a story that, until now, we did not know about him. The story of your son.

In Dragon Ball AF – the sequel to Dragon Ball GT fueled by the passion of fans – Frieza has a son, his name is Ize

. And, as well indicated in CBR, is much more cruel and much more powerful than his father.

The person in charge of creating Ize was the Japanese artist Youngjiji. After passing 50 years hibernating In the shade, Ize awoke with enormous power. In Dragon Ball AF he is described as being 100 times stronger than Frieza's perfect form. Its only objective? Travel to planet Earth and fight against Goku.

Ize has three transformations. The former is similar to the latter form of Freeza. The second of them is similar to King Cold and the second form of Freeza. And lastly, his final transformation is slightly similar to his father's third transformation, Freeza.

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