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The time has come to stop mistreating video game ads with questionable quality streaming on YouTube




Companies in the video game industry, come. Sit by the fire. We need to talk. You will see, what happened yesterday with the Ghost of Tsushima streaming it should not be repeated any more. Resort to a live video with questionable quality it is not the best way to get muscle.

Watch now Ghost of Tsushima in the videos released afterwards compared to what was seen last night is like Night and day. It is absurd to resort to these practices when we know that there are alternatives And, because we are talking about a montage instead of a video recorded live, there is no need to resort to this type of method.

For more 16GB presentations

The best example is relatively close. A certain bombing also scheduled for this year played his cards much better. I speak of Cyberpunk 2077 of CD Projekt, taught at E3 behind closed doors to warm the environment and shown in August 2018 with 48 minutes of gameplay.

With Cyberpunk 2077As with almost all companies, they wanted to make an impact. For this they resorted to the best possible method to avoid reducing even one iota the level of quality they wanted to show. Here is a file of 16 GB

with a uncompressed video where you can see the game in 4K.

It is not the most comfortable, even less in a video of those dimensions, but soon after other sources began to appear that allowed the gameplay to be seen through easier ways. That was, so to speak, the complete opposite to publicize the aspect of a streaming game.

And since radicalizing postures and black and white is not my thing, I think there are a midpoint that we should be able to hold on to. Especially at a time when the visual aspect of the games is going to go up several integers and it is required to be able to appreciate all the good -and the bad- that they can offer.

Nintendo: lagging behind but one step ahead

The other example that I wanted to refer to is also very close. Nintendoalready used to letting go of her Direct as if they were one more YouTube video instead of resorting to direct shows that are not such a thing, yesterday it generated an impact similar to that of Ghost of Tsushima with the announcement of Paper Mario: The Origami King.

He did not resort to the teaser of a teaser so fashionable today, nor did he want to announce by hype that he wanted to surprise us. Nor did he seek a way to concentrate everyone in the same place and at the same time.

I have a video of a game. Here you have it. You will see it just as well as any other internet user.

I can understand that for something with subsequent interviews like that of Geoff Keighley and Unreal Engine 5 you want to use a live event. Even despite not having interaction with users and being something that could be recorded and edited a few hours before. Ok, you can strain.

Also that if it is a long event like a conference you don't want people to jump to "one more thing"Ahead of time -There Nintendo has shown to know how to sweat also from minute up minute down-, but out of very specific cases there is no excuse.

As he Inside Xbox from a few weeks ago like presenting Ghost of Tsushima yesterday could have been videos released directly on YouTube – or another platform with a somewhat more potable compression.

To be able to see them without blurry images, without cuts and even at 4K if you can afford it, it seems much more logical than gambling to give the wrong image. The fear that a part of the public thinks that the problem is more of the game than the video would make me rethink whether it is worth it or not.


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