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The Time Trial is … shows in classic video




As you now know (infused), regarding the sight of the first person to appear recently in Tour de France 2020, NACON and Cyanide present this time the new time trial mode.

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This mode we are told, has been completely revised (and corrected?), “Following a long-standing desire of the developers, motivated by the requests of the players”. An overhaul which is therefore shown in the video above which shows a real time trial in the Tour de France 2020 (which will take place normally next September, children).

But what exactly are we talking about when we talk about “time trial”? If you have never followed a world championship or a big cycling tour, which can obviously happen in life, know that it is simply a solo exercise (or in team according to the initial plans) which is to achieve the best time on a given stage.


And in fact this requires excellent effort management. According to NACON, the developer Cyanide took this element into account and transcribed it in Tour de France 2020 “with the possibility of adopting a posture adapted to the time trial: the forearms resting on the extender, you will limit your air resistance and gain speed without increasing your effort, to the detriment of your bicycle control “. Not bad is not it ?

Even better, since with this posture, you also have the possibility of activating a effort regulator. By adjusting it correctly, you just have to not overestimate your pace, under penalty of finishing then before the finish line. The arodynamic position on the descents will allow you to perk up what little.

Several other improvements and new features await you in Tour de France 2020, including:

  • The addition of the Dean Lige-Bastogne-Lige and its 266 km of accident routes.
  • An interface redesigns for better anticipation of the course and the progress of competitors.
  • A more realistic AI which will not hesitate to seize all the attack opportunities.
  • A first-person view for indulged immersion sensations.
  • All 22 teams participating in the Big Loop with their official jersey.

Tour de France 2020 will be available on June 4 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and later on PC.


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