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The world of Ghost of Tsushima will offer constant surprises




The Ghost of Tsushima development team keeps giving interesting new details on what this highly anticipated exclusive adventure of PS4. This morning we told you that the title will be a love letter to the samurai genre and that it will give lessons about the 13th century Japanese culture so that we better understand how the inhabitants of the island lived at the time of the Mongol invasion. Well, the time has come to learn more about the world of Ghost of Tsushima thanks to Nate Fox, creative director of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most anticipated games of the moment.

A world with constant surprises

Nate fox has given an interview to our colleagues in the media GamesRadar and in it he wanted to explain a little more in depth what the world of Ghost of Tsushima will be like. Thus, the manager of Sucker Punch It has qualified that this will be full of secrets and that there will be multiple elements that will constantly attract our attention to invite us to explore to our liking. In addition, we will have to always be with our eyes open since enemies can appear at any time. But for you to understand it better, here we leave your words:

The world will be in a dynamic situation. We won't know where the Mongols will be all the time because they will make their own decisions and roam the map, just like wild animals will. The world has been created so that if you see a rock that draws your attention and you are curious about it, we will reward you for going to explore it. So yes, the world of Ghost of Tsushima has been created with a sense of intention and, at the same time, dynamism to make it unpredictable. “

Therefore, every time we enter the island of Ghost of Tsushima, we will be able to enjoy a wide open world in which to explore and discover dozens of secrets. Remember that wild animals will guide us to find these secrets. Foxes, for example, will lead us to the sanctuaries, while the birds will lead us directly to points to start side missions, where the population of Tsushima will be key.

Much more than a main story

And it is that, although Ghost of Tsushima will focus on narrating the life of Jin Sakai, the last surviving samurai from the invasion of the Mongolian army, will also tell us other stories that will help us better understand the situation at all times. Thus, we can talk to the different characters we meet on our journey to complete side missions and learn much more about the warlike conflict in which the plot will unfold:

Ghost of Tsushima will be an anthology of stories

. It will not focus only on Jin's bow, but, as Jin himself will, he will switch from samurai to ghost. We will meet many people struggling to survive on Tsushima Island and hear how they deal with the invasion. There will be rewards for it that will help Jin to be stronger, but they will also help us customize the character to suit our play style or to look how we want. “

As you can see, completing Ghost of Tsushima side missions can become almost as important as following the main plot. Not only will we learn more about what the invasion of the Japanese island was like, but we will also get important equipment that will help us continue advancing and overcome the different dangers of the game with greater ease. Thus, it is clear that the team of Sucker Punch you are worrying about making your adventure full of options.

Ghost of Tsushima
The world of Ghost of Tsushima will be full of secrets.

More from Ghost of Tsushima

Recall that, the new adventure developed by Sucker Punch for PS4 It will go far beyond combat, which can be faced directly or through stealth techniques. As we have just seen in this article, in Ghost of Tsushima we will have an entire island to explore at our whim, discovering a large number of secrets and side missions that we can access observing nature since the animals will guide us to there. Additionally, the title will feature a large number of customization options that will change the look and combat characteristics of Jin Sakai, its protagonist.

July 17 will be the day we can unsheathe our katana since then Ghost of Tsushima will be released exclusively for PS4, reaching the console with reversible cover. Until then we will continue to bring you all the information about the game first hand so that you do not miss absolutely anything of this title to which the very same Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has already dared to classify it as the best game of the year. Of course, it seems that way to qualify for such a precious award.

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