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The Xbox Series X $ 400 or less? Michael Pachter talks about a potential "Sony fatal blow"




Once again, the vtran of the analysis of our beautiful gaming industry has spoken. If he happens to be right every other time (necessarily), Michael Pachter understands that the price of the future Xbox Series X will not necessarily cost you an arm, even if it was bionic. Explanations of the "Master".

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Indeed, the great analytical guru, aka Michael Pachter (Wedbush Morgan Securities), made a sudden and spontaneous appearance on the Periscope of Twitter, in the company of the very touched – all Geoff Keighley who presented this vocal and visual happening, and were able to discuss during a short half hour on the health and the future of the industry, in company of two other modern leaders of our very strange medium, what are Peter moore (ex SEGA, Microsoft and EA, and now at … Liverpool FC) and Aaron Greeberg


During the conversation, inevitably broken (or not), Pachter So there were his now famous predictions, explained why he thinks that Microsoft will ensure that the Xbox Series X will be offered for 400 dollars or less if affinities.

The analyst believes that the Redmond company has more than anything, want to beat Sony on the next generation of consoles, which was not the case for the PS4 versus the Xbox One. Indeed, while we imagine that the Xbox Series X and PS5 will cost between $ 500 and $ 600, Pachter estimates that Microsoft is ready "to try the financial bet", to offer it $ 400 or less.

Claiming that Microsoft can take a loss because it generates "normally revenue from other sources". According to him :

If the Xbox Series X is offered $ 100 cheaper than the PS5, it would be a fatal blow Sony.


From what I've seen, Sony is going to have to charge $ 500 for its PS5, and Microsoft has a big record. If (MS) wants to reduce the price by $ 100, or just below it and subsidize the first ten million, they will.

And this little game of fools, Microsoft and Sony continue to look at each other like a faience dog. According to Pachter, Microsoft will not announce any prices until Sony has released its own. But until when?

We know that so far, Microsoft has already knocked down several cards, including that concerning its console and even its first games. The machine seems to be launched, unlike Sony which is slow to reveal more (other than its DualSense controller).

It is certain that in addition to the technical qualities of the two next-gen consoles, the launch price will obviously be determining to conquer the hearts (and wallets) of the players. Especially in the current economic climate, when a pandemic that no one had seen coming (ME share), risks putting the bank accounts of millions of potential players in bad shape …

Who will emerge victorious from this nime "console war"? Beginning of the answer at the beginning of next year without doubt … Hopefully.



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