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There are rumors that Sony will release its roster of next-generation PS5 games in June




Emily Gera
Monday, May 18, 2020 20:57 GMT

We have n’t heard much about Sony ’s PS5 consoles or even the upcoming next-generation games. It may change next month.

According to the latest report from VentureBeat, Sony is conducting some activities to further understand their new system.

The first of these is early June-originally planned for June 4th, but so far, the exact date is unclear and exceeds the time range of early June. Obviously, this will reflect the company's roster of next-generation games, including first-party games and beyond. It is unclear whether Sony will finally show its console at this time.

Since then, the report will continue to plan a state-of-the-art video demonstration in early August. This will have both current and next generation titles.

Microsoft also plans to showcase its next-generation products in June, but it is reported that unlike Sony, Microsoft will conduct a more careful study of its Xbox Series X console. The company is looking for this disclosure in the second week of June.

We have contacted Sony and Microsoft to comment.

Just last month, rumors about the Xbox May event began to spread. It will unveil the new game and may introduce the cheaper, disc-free Xbox Series X-called Lockhart. That did seem to succeed, and the Inside Xbox event broke the first game on the console.

There are rumors that the cancellation of E3 in April this year led leading publishers and platform holders to start revealing plans as soon as possible. It is said that the first suitable next-generation console and game show will be much earlier than originally planned.

Now, we wait. But at the same time, we can find links to everything we know about PS5. Or, click here to find out what we know about Xbox Series X so far.

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