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These are the PlayStation Talents 2020 video games




Since launching in 2015, PlayStation Talents has supported more than 100 Spanish development projects in order to boost the industry. It is a pioneering program of PlayStation Spain in which each year a series of independent studios participate to finalize the development of their games under the umbrella of the prestigious company. Due to the current situation, this year the presentation was held in digital format with a live show where the studios were the main protagonists. A total of 8 projects that come from the Camps of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Bilbao that showed their first gameplays. There were also the winners of the VI Edition of the PlayStation Awards with Clid The Snail, who continue their development to publish their work on PlayStation 4.

«We want them to have something unique, added value, but many games are left out », explained Roberto Yeste, Director of Public Relations, Partnerships and Business Development of Playstation. «Going with this brand implies offering unique content and experiences to our players», said. In addition, Yeste took the opportunity to remember the brand's social commitment and alliance with Z by HP and Tangram Solutions as technology partners that will provide state-of-the-art professional workstations, workshops, training and access to motion capture and facial expression equipment for all participants. Furthermore, PlayStation announced the IV Edition of the PlayStation Talents Master in Video Game Marketing, Management and Communication which has been taught since 2017 at the Complutense University of Madrid. Here we present the projects made in Spain that will be developed in the coming months.

The Five Covens (rBorn Games)

Game of adventures, platforms and puzzles set in a medieval fantasy world

starring a witch. With a style close to games like Spyro, the player will get different skills throughout the story that will be very useful to defeat the final boss.

Do Not Open (Quasar)

Do Not Open
Do Not Open, survival horror adventure with escape room mechanics

This title is a survival horror developed for virtual reality devices with the base of an escape room. The difference with other games in this genre is that it is a modular setting that invites replayability because the puzzles and the design of the rooms change places. The goal is to get out alive in a certain time while discovering a very disturbing story.

Lethal Honor Essence (Viral Studios)

This action game has Kickstarter fundraising goal exceeded And now you are embarking on a new adventure with PlayStation Talents. It is a roguelike set in a world invaded by demonic creatures, where the protagonist will be an agent of Lethal Honor, an organization that Investigate paranormal events. With different abilities available, the gameplay of this title is based on combat in different themed scenarios and a cel-shading aesthetic emulating graphic novels.

Operation Highjump (Mansion Games)

Operation Hightjump
Operation Hightjump is a title set in 1945 and pays homage to the classics

2D action game for up to 2 players that merges the genres run and gun, tactical shooter and adventure that wants to pay homage to the classics. Set in 1945, this title stands out for its artistic pixel art section and the design of its war scenes.

Walls of Lies (Snowy Jellyfish)

This game is a brawler with scenarios that are generated procedurally and in which the player will have to overcome different dungeons facing various enemies and a final boss. It also has multiplayer mode for up to 4 players in which each player must advance as fast as possible to obtain advantages and reach a final arena where they will face each other. The characters have their own combat style, skill tree, as well as a unique story and design.

Corbid a Colorful Adventure (Cucurry Team)

This colorful title is an adventure starring a curious creature named Corbid who will have to become a hero. His main ability is that can play with colors that will allow you to solve puzzles and advance through the different scenarios, where you will also meet some enemies.

The Library of Babel (Tanuki Game Studio)

Inspired by the homonymous novel by Jorge Luis BorgesThis game combines classic mechanics from the graphic adventures, platforms and stealth / infiltration phases that will have to be used by the player with intelligence. The protagonist of this story is Ludovik, a robotic entity sent to search for data about humans, extinct millennia ago. Ludovik will have to interact with the jungle beings and explore their most dangerous corners to solve the dark mystery of the library.

Inner Ashes (Calathea Game Studio)

Narrative adventure in first person that will take protagonist Henry, sick with Alzheimer's, to an introspective journey through his mind. The player must solve puzzles and explore the environment to discover the secrets about his past and the reason why his only daughter has stayed away from him. They have treated the disease with seriousness and respect, contacting specialists to transmit with the greatest fidelity this reality lived daily by millions of people.


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