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They compare The Wonderful 101 in its version for Switch with the original delivery of Wii U




Since GameXplain we get a first comparison between the original version of The Wonderful 101 for Wii U and the title review for Nintendo Switch, The Wonderful 101: Remastered, which will reach all players in digital distribution on May 22.

The video pone face to face these two versions and allows us to get a first idea From which areas of the game have been improved in the technical aspect in relation to the original delivery, as well as the adaptation system from the Wii U control and its use of the control screen to a much more traditional concept of use. In fact, that also helps us to know what to expect on that front in the versions for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Of course, we will have to wait still to more detailed analyzes and technical comparisons More precise to know how this recovery of the Wii U game has turned out, but this first video seems promising and everyth ing suggests that users will be satisfied with the transfer to the Nintendo hybrid.

Remember that The Wonderful 101: Remastered It has been financed through a Kickstarter campaign that began in early February of this year; This movement was criticized by some sectors of the community who reproached Platinum Games for taking advantage of a crowdfunding as an advertising tool for an already practically developed game.

In The Wonderful 101: Remastered We will take command of a group of a hundred heroes in a battle against an alien invasion that threatens Earth. The main attraction of the gameplay of this cult work It is the variety of forms that this massive group of heroes can take, combining their bodies and powers to defeat the enormous enemies that want to take over the planet. Everything, of course, with the peculiar style of play of Platinum Game: it splits dizzying action and thug humor on all four sides.

We always talk about this as a cult video game with a second youth because in its original launch on WiiU -which was produced in 2013- this video game It was not very successful in sales and was a little unnoticed perhaps due to its exclusivity with the also ill-fated Nintendo console.

, perhaps due to the peculiarity of his proposal. Despite the poor reception in sales, The Wonderful 101 He managed to conquer the players who approached him and a good example of this is the good reception that his remastering has had both inside and outside his Kickstarter campaign.


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