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They create Luffy and Zoro in Animal Crossing, which is your favorite?




Luffy in Animal Crossing New Horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just arrived and has revolutionized the Nintendo Switch community. Few are those who have resisted buying the new installment of this franchise, which is selling triple that of its last game. And as the weeks progress, players will have access to other users' designs to configure your flag, furniture and even your avatar's wardrobe. There are hundreds of things to do on this island paradise, but the crossover with One Piece has caught everyone off guard. Animal Crossing multiplayer they have created Luffy and Zoro in the game.

And they do not lack detail. Through Reddit they have shared their character designs with the game's complete tool to edit both clothes and face makeup. With this in mind they have created two versions of Luffy: the classic model with a red vest and the look that looks on the Wano bow. The latter is especially striking because he uses face makeup to put the scar detail

. The same that happens with Roronoa Zoro. The swordsman has been recreated with her headscarf, her long green coat and the scar on the eye, which is also closed. How have they done this effect? If you are an Animal Crossing player you will know that when bees sting, your avatar's eye swells. So there is no evil that for good does not come and thus they have created Zoro.

I'm cosplayed as the future Pirate King in the new Animal Crossing! desde OnePiece

I used a bee nest and face paint to get his scar desde OnePiece

tried to do luffy for my villager desde OnePiece

What is your favorite? There is no doubt that in the coming days many more designs will appear. But if you have not yet bought the Nintendo Switch game, we show you where to buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons at the best price.

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▪ Release date: 03/20/2020



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