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This 3D model of Sanji is pure gold for fans and non-fans of One Piece




Now you know, Sanji is a favorite in One Piece, which translates into thousands of fan art that explore her style with the design of other anime or play with her appearance to imagine him as a woman. But there are also those who prefer keep its original design and turn it into almost a 3D figure, preparing to launch one of his powerful fire attacks.

Under these lines you can see this 3D design of Sanji so accomplished what share libregon on Reddit and it looks really cool. We love the detail of his burning leg

and also the fact that he's smoking his already habitual cigarette. However, if there was a downside, perhaps the character's face should be more defined.

Black Leg Sanji ive made for my Strawhat Project desde OnePiece

It seems to us a great 3D creation of Sanji

, for the level of detail it has and how well it is made. The design would be ideal for making a figure with a 3d printer and have something that no one else would have at home.

Cover image I Best HD Wallpaper

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