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This augmented reality in Pokémon cards will fascinate you




The fever for Pokémon cards not a 90s thingWell, it is still common to see youtubers opening envelopes without stopping or the work of some fan trying to make a really cool 3D Cosmog card. Although today we have the case of another Pokéfan that has given a touch of augmented reality to the letters of the initials of Kanto.

Thanks to yahyayyasha on Reddit we can see some great Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle Pokémon cards with a touch of augmented reality in the form of neon lights, which we really think is great. Maybe it's a visual effect that I can end up getting tired over time

but, without a doubt, it draws powerfully attention.

I made a Pokemon starters augmented reality card desde Pokemon

It wouldn't be too bad if The Pokémon Company took note and allow us to use augmented reality with your letters

, surely it would expand the entertainment possibilities of each deck, not to mention what we would like to see each of the animations.

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