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Animal Crossing: New Horizons It has not only been Nintendo's biggest release in recent years, but also a social phenomenon of gigantic proportions. After seeing that museums are exhibited within the game, or that the players have your own Amazon to trade, now is to take things to another level.

A Hong Kong-based food store chain called Yummy House, Looking For a person to design an island with brand motifs and maintain it day by day. As you read: they want someone to work playing Animal Crossing. Of course, it must be created in less than a month.

The profile that is sought, of course, is that of someone skilled in the graphic and creative arts. Further, a minimum game time of 100 hours is required in the Switch game. Obviously, you work from home, and you only need to talk to the company three times a week. The salary is 20,000 Hong Kong dollars a month, which translates to about 2,391 euros.

A good pasta.

A food company in Hong Kong wants to hire an Animal Crossing player with more than 100 hours of experience to build and maintain an island that they will use to promote the brand. The payment is HKD 20,000 ($ 2,500) a month and the island must be ready in 31 days.

As we have seen on the portal QuartzYummy House has already received 230 requests. According to the company itself, this initiative stems from the current coronavirus pandemic, which has caused many people to lose their jobs due to having to stay home. So that, offer a job opportunity to those who need it, and by the way, it serves as advertising.

On the island you can see, for example, the items that the brand has for sale, their promotions and others. In addition to the whole issue of working making islands in Animal Crossing, the concept of use the game as an advertising platform it also breaks a few schemes. Again, the latest from Nintendo is proving to be much more than we thought.

As for the work itself, do not think it is a small thing. Animal Crossing is designed to make all tasks slow and routine, and if you want to keep your island full, you need to enter the game almost daily. I talked about that a bit in this article.


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