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this double cosplay revives Escanor and Meliodas




Nanatsu No Taizai has managed to rally many fans in front of the screen, despite the fact that his last seasons have received a barrage of criticism. Thus, they dare to create a feminine version of Ban or to personify an almost pristine Elizabeth in a divine cosplay. There's also cosplayers joining forces and they perform as a duo to recreate a friendly meeting between Meliodas and Escanor.

Below you can see each of the characters represented by a cosplayer and that, barks90 on RedditHe has had the grace and magnanimity to collect for all of us. I imagine that, like us, the Meliodas cosplay will seem a little worse achieved

, but the difference in size between the characters and the attitudes are very successful.

Escanor & Meliodas Cosplay desde NanatsunoTaizai

We know that it is difficult to achieve a perfect cosplay, but in the case we have discussed, a little more should have been applied. It is not a question of spending more

No, but to work a little more on the appearance and outfit of the character you represent. Anyway, we appreciate that someone has finally decided meet Escanor and Meliodas in a friendly wayWe had been wanting to see them like this for some time.

Cover image I CrisZeldris1 on DeviantArt


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