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this fan has made a more realistic version of Vegeta




Vegeta and other Saiyan

Vegeta surprises with fan art that links him to Android 18 instead of Bulma, or that they put his evil version, Majin Vegeta as a samurai. Today we bring you a fan art that try to be more realistic, further humanizing the warrior's features.

Below these lines you can find the illustration of Vegeta who shares zehreeli_jalebi on Reddit

and that, despite drawing the character with somewhat strange proportions, it does quite well to give it a look more human
to the face of the Saiyan. Probably what this cartoonist has done does not look much like the Vegeta we imagine if this were a person, but given the difficulty of the task, it seems to us that has done a good job.

Tried to a draw a slightly more realistic vegeta ūüôā desde dbz

What do you think this design of a new more realistic Vegeta? Do you think this illustrator he has achieved what he set out to do?

Cover image I Just Plain TV

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