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This Goku and House Kame tattoo is ideal for Dragon Ball fans




Dragon Ball tattoos we are fascinated by its great variety and for his good art, of course. For example, this mega Shenron tattoo or this one with various Saiyan versions of Majin Vegeta. The truth is that there are creations that go directly to the nostalgia we feel for the first Dragon Ball with a concept as beautiful as this, which unites Goku and Casa Kame on one only.

He shares this precious tattoo skuplux on instagram and it seems to us tremendously beautiful and original

, to which is added the question of nostalgia, which with House Kame in the background and Goku and his typical or ange suit, reminds us of those chapters from so many years ago. And is that missing the past is something we fans do a lot for that reason we like this tattoo so much

What do you think of this spectacular and nostalgic tattoo How much did we like it? Would you become one so it was so incredible?

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