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This granny has gone viral for her Studio Ghibli cosplays




The Moving Castle

Studio Ghibli is one of the most fabulous Japanese animation studios in history. Hayao Miyazaki's company has left a legacy with formidable treasures for the anime. It has inspired thousands of artists and amazed millions of fans around the world.

And, now, thanks to this adorable old lady… fans are starting to see Studio Ghibli in a whole new way. How can this be possible? You ask yourself. Well, it turns out that this nice old woman – the grandmother of the user Edith Koci – published in TikTok a peculiar video in which he showed his character cosplays from the anime films of Studio Ghibli. Do not miss it!

The cosplays of this adorable old lady

In the video we can see how it is not only limited to dressing up with the cosplays

of many characters from movies like Amb El Castillo Ambulante ’, but also by copying each of their movements. The result is phenomenal.

She’s so adorable !! desde r / ghibli

After her success on TikTok, anime fans have adored this cute lady. We are sure that a director like Hayao Miyazaki would feel very lucky to meet such a staunch fan. What will be your next cosplay?


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